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About Privacy Statement Site

privacy-statement-siteIn the event that you have a business or a high perceivability site, it’s a smart thought to distribute your security approach so that your guests know how you will handle the data they give. Taking after is a rundown of subjects you might need to cover in your protection explanation :

# Automatically collected information : If your web server logs information about which pages visitors view, IP address, host name, browser type, or other information that’s automatically collected by the software you use to serve your visitors, list the types of information you collect and how you use them. For example, you maybe using browser type information to fine tune your pages to specific browsers and other information in web server logs to administer and troubleshoot technical problems.

# Security : Explain what steps you have taken to secure and backup the information you gather from visitors. For example, if you obtain credit card information over the web explain if you’re using a secure protocols such as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) / digital IDs to protect

Boost Internet connection Speed using This Helpful Tips

boost-internet-connectionNumerous PCs are possessed by a solitary individual, however numerous others are open or utilized by a family. It’d be decent to think everybody with access to a PC would take after the principles set up by the association or family that possesses it, however frequently, somebody tries to tread where they shouldn’t. That is to say, go ahead – It’s the Internet!

On the off chance that you need to stop such shenanigans, one alternative is to oversee access through Windows Internet Options menu. Here’s the manner by which.

Did you know? The standard broadband speed is 512 kilobits per second (kbit/s or kb/s) and is 10 times faster than dial-up that is just 56 kbps. As a result of which most of worldwide internet users (presently about 2.5 billion) are moving away from dial-up internet access (requires disrupting your telephone service) to Broadband Internet access.

Rank wise the three most popular ways to deliver broadband internet connections are DSL Broadband, Cable Broadband and Satellite Broadband.

How to calculate time to download/ upload a file

5 Best Web Browser This Year

chrome# Google Chrome

With Chrome, Google has built an extendable, efficient browser that deserves its place at the top of the browser rankings. According to w3schools’ browser trend analysis its user base is only rising, even as Microsoft Edge’s install numbers are presumably growing. Why? Well, it’s cross-platform, incredibly stable, brilliantly presented to take up the minimum of screen space, and just about the nicest browser there is to use.

Its wide range of easily obtained and installed extensions mean you can really make it your own, and there’s support for parental controls and a huge range of tweaks and settings to ensure maximum efficiency.

But there are downsides, and potentially big ones. It’s among the heaviest browsers in terms of resource use, so it’s not brilliant on machines with limited RAM, and its performance doesn’t quite match up to others in benchmarking terms. And with Google’s tentacles running through it, you might be uncomfortable with the ways in which your browsing data may be used.

# Opera

An underrated browser with a superb Turbo mode

Facebook Upgrade, News Feed more Informative

Facebook is changing its News Feed yet again, and this time it’s hoping to make it more educational.

The interpersonal organization is including another “positioning sign” that will surface the most educational stories that would’ve as of now showed up in your Feed, just not in as conspicuous a perspective.

Here’s the means by which the calculation works: Members of the organization’s Feed Quality Program rank stories on a size of one to five, one being “truly not educational” and five being “truly instructive.” Participants who rank a story exceptionally are likewise asked to clarify for what good reason they delighted in seeing that specific story.

This data is then used to create a ranking signal, which is just one of the many signals used by Facebook to determine how relevant something is to you, based on your interests and habits.

The results are, hopefully, posts that you find personally informative. This will likely change over time, Facebook notes in a blog post, and means you’ll see content in your News Feed that won’t necessarily show up in the Feeds of people of you know.


How to Add Search Engine to Your Home Page?

Do you have much excessively numerous records for your guests to skim through? What about including a web crawler that can look a select segment of your website

# Search engines for web servers
 You can also use third party search engines (binary programs, not scripts) that are optimized for servers running on different hardware and operating system platforms.

  • Usually requires full access to the web server. In most cases you need to be running your own web server or at least have administrative access to it, in order to install this type of search programs.
  • Platform dependant : Depending on your computer hardware and operating system platform, there many not be many choices.


  • Usually faster than using scripts.

# Search modules integrated to web servers

If you run your own web server, first find out if it has its own search engine module or index server. Such modules can be easily enabled, usually without having to install extra programs.

Disadvantages :

  • Your web server may not have an integrated search module.
  • Usually requires full access to the web server. You may not get such access unless you run your own web server.
Advantages :

  • Generally faster than other search

Learn More about How Private Your Email Address

Would you put your home telephone number in a spot where a great many individuals can see it without turning a page? All things considered, you perhaps uncovering your private email location to a huge number of individuals each time you send an email, each time you download a document from a FTP webpage, each time you subscribe to a mailing list or a site page notice, each time you submit electronic structures, … (also, the rundown goes on).

E-mail is no more private than a postcard. Unlike other forms of communication, such as telephone calls, which are protected in the United States under laws like the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 and by similar laws in other countries, e-mail has little similar protection. The situation becomes even murkier for messages sent or received at your place of business.

An electronic message typically makes numerous stops at computers along the route to its final destination. At each stop, it can be intercepted and read by snoops. Why would someone want to do this? For hackers, there’s the challenge of eavesdropping in cyberspace; for business competitors, confidential data may have strategic value. After all, information is

Know These Shortcuts

Is it time to read news, or is it time to check mail? Or is it the time to checkout the cool site of the day? Well, whatever you feel like doing, you might find it easier to have three Netscape icons that takes you directly to the function you want to perform.

# Create two copies of the Netscape Navigator shortcut (icon) in your Netscape Navigator folder or group (Explorer / Program Manager).

# Go to the properties (select the shortcut/icon and press ALT+ENTER) of the first copy and append “ -mail (without the quotes) to the target (known as “command line” in Windows 3.x).
For example, if your target is set to “"C:\Program Files\Netscape\Program\Netscape.exe"” change it to “"C:\Program Files\Netscape\Program\Netscape.exe" -mail
You might also want to change the title (or the description) of this icon to “Netscape Mail” for easy identification.

# Finally, go to the second copy and repeat step #2. However, this time use “ -news” instead of “ -mail
For example, if your target is set to “"C:\Program Files\Netscape\Program\Netscape.exe"” change it to “"C:\Program

Secure Internet with Windows Internet Options, Here Its Tips

Numerous PCs are possessed by a solitary individual, however numerous others are open or utilized by a family. It’d be decent to think everybody with access to a PC would take after the principles set up by the association or family that possesses it, however frequently, somebody tries to tread where they shouldn’t. That is to say, go ahead – It’s the Internet!

On the off chance that you need to stop such shenanigans, one alternative is to oversee access through Windows’ Internet Options menu. Here’s the manner by which.

We’re going to be spending most of our time in the Internet Options menu, so if you don’t have that up already, do so and go to the privacy tab.

There’s not much here for blocking specific websites, but if you’re merely concerned about PC security rather than the sites people on the computer view, this section is helpful.

By default, privacy will be set to medium. My suggestion, if you don’t trust the users of the computer to exercise personal and computer security, is to elevate the privacy level to “Block All Cookies.” That will make logging into sites a hassle, but

Internet Safety For Parents, Here Its Tips

This era of guardians is the first to confront the test of helping our kids take advantage of their virtual space while protecting them in it. In case despite everything you’re getting your balance in virtual child rearing, don’t stress. has the accompanying tips to guarantee that your tyke’s online experience stays positive.

# “Chat” with your kids

Develop an open dialogue so that you can talk with your kids about the benefits and dangers of the Internet. Cultivate an interest in their online activities—their favorite Web sites, online games, and interests. And don’t be afraid to ask your children who they are talking to online and what they are talking about.

# Agree on a game plan

Use the Gameplan™ to formally agree on your family’s guidelines for using the Internet. Post them near the family computer as a reminder. Ensure that your kids know to never share personal information on the Internet and that they should tell you about any online activity or contact that makes them uncomfortable.

# Become a net-savvy parent

The best safeguard against online dangers is being informed. Jump in and learn the basics of the Internet—read articles,

Computer Quick Tips

While holding down the Ctrl button on your keyboard — rotate the scroll wheel in the middle of your mouse.

On most computers this will magnify / shrink the size of websites.

Rolling the mouse wheel up will make everything bigger, while rolling the mouse wheel down will have the opposite effect.

So, next time you are having trouble reading small text on a website, simply hold down control and use the scroll wheel. Very handy — pass this on to your friends.

It’s the best thing since… Ctrl+c.

Alternative method: hold down CTRL and tap on the + and – buttons on the keyboard for the same effect.

Search text within any Web page

Ever end up on a site from a search engine, but can’t find the exact words you are looking for? The answer is:

Ctrl + f

Go ahead and hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard and press “f” — you should see a search box pop-up somewhere on your screen. (Usually near the bottom of the window). Now you can type any word into that search box and your internet browser with

Internet Security?, Here Its Tips

The web is brimming with criminals and drifters joined by one shared objective – to separate you from your well deserved money. Here’s our manual for staying one stage in front of the awful folks. Take after our web security tips to stay safe online and you can shop, surf and mingle on the web, and rest soundly a short time later as well.

# Avoid being a mule

Working from home, earn £500 a week commission. It sounds to good to be true, and it is. Scammers pass stolen cash to unsuspecting people, who transfer it back to the thieves via electronic payment. Your job with the work taken out is money laundering. Beware.

# Set a serious password

If you’re struggling to create passwords that will stump a hacker, check out Microsoft’s guide to adding complexity to access codes in such a way that you can still remember the logon.

# Take care on public networks

Never, under any circumstances, use a public network for financial transactions. Only send your personal and financial details over a network you’ve set up yourself, or one you know to be secure. Who knows what horrors are lurking

Websites for Help Teachers Learn Technology

The internet is enormous, ridiculously huge, and an instructor who needs to keep on learning about innovation can discover bunches of online assets to offer assistance. Today’s innovation tip is a manual for a portion of the best assets that are out there for instructors.

State divisions of instruction and also singular school locale the nation over have an order to urge instructors to incorporate innovation in the classroom. Yet, a portion of the best activities to really prepare instructors to utilize innovation in the classroom appear to originate from individual teachers. Look at a portion of the locales recorded beneath as cases:

Another great resource for teachers.  This site was created by Marilyn Western and has something for everyone.

This website, co-founded by Susan Brooks and Bill Byles, offers a wide variety of great tutorials and other internet resources for teachers.

Links to many online tutorials can be found at this site which was created by Annette Lamb and updated by Larry Johnson.

# Tammy’s Technology Tips for Teachers
A great resource that was prepared by Tammy Worcester Tang, and Instructional Technology Specialist at ESSDACK

Unbreakable Chrome

Quantum PCs are coming, hypothetically encouraging tremendously intense machines later on, however Google is contemplating how all that force could be utilized for odious closures – which is the reason the organization is as of now supporting the cryptographic cleaves of its Chrome program.

Yes, it’s positively a thought that quantum registering won’t simply be an advantage, and cybercriminals will utilize these kind of machines as a capable asset, with the possibility to air out efforts to establish safety, for example, TLS (Transport Layer Security), the convention utilized by “https” sites.

And while the reality of quantum computers is still a long, long way off – and not even a certainty to ever be fully realised – Google is worried enough about the prospect to kick off an experiment in what it calls ‘post-quantum cryptography’ with Chrome.

Essentially, what Google’s doing is taking a “small fraction” of the connections happening between its servers and desktop Chrome browsers out there, and beefing these communications up with a ‘post-quantum key-exchange algorithm’ in addition to the algorithm that would normally be used.

Because the existing algorithm is still being used, this doesn’t weaken the browser’s security levels

Internet Safety for Child and Teens, Here Its Tips

# If you wouldn’t say something to another person’s face, don’t text it or post it online.

# Do not download or install software or anything on your computer or cell phone before checking with your parents or guardian.

# Use the privacy settings of social networking sites.

# Check with your parents before you post pictures of yourself or others online. Do not post inappropriate pictures of anyone.

# Spend time having fun with your parents online and helping them understand technology!

# Never post your personal information, such as a cell phone number, home number, home address, or your location on any social networking site or through mobile apps like Snapchat or Instagram.

# Never meet in person with anyone you first “met” on the internet. If someone asks to meet you, tell your parents or guardian right away. Some people may not be who they say they are.

# Never respond to mean or rude texts, messages, and e-mails. Delete any unwanted messages. You may need to delete friends who continuously bother you or post things that are not appropriate.

# Never share your password with anyone, including your best friend. The only people who

Know More about Quantum Internet

Is life simple or advanced? We live in a computerized age, so the answer may appear glaringly evident. Reconsider. The truth is not advanced – it’s quantum. Present day PCs are computerized on the grounds that the simple subatomic world is excessively perplexing, making it impossible to get it.

Signal the quantum PC, where ones and zeros exist together as quantum bits – or qubits – and where parcels of information are supplanted by encoded light links of horde quantum states at the same time. Quantum PCs are extents more intense than present machines, and that must mean one thing: a quantum web.

Quantum computers use the laws of quantum mechanics to offer endless possibilities thanks to the fact that tiny particles such as electrons and photons can be in multiple states – not just one and zero, but both at the same time. This is called superposition. So instead of on or off ‘bits’ of classical computing, we get qubits, which can be 0, or 1, or both simultaneously.

# 100 million times faster

Extrapolate how many more calculations a quantum computer is capable of simultaneously and you get this stunning result: a

Apps Phone That Can Use for Mobile Office

You’re far from the workplace, and the telephone rings: it’s somebody who needs a record marked, or maybe altered, in a matter of minutes. You don’t have room schedule-wise to make it back to your work area, yet fortunately all the applications you need are accessible on your cell phone.

It can be unfeasible to utilize a little screen to complete work, yet some of the time there is no other alternative. In case you’re an on-the-go proficient you require your telephone to be more than a Facebook machine: it should be a pocket office.

# Document editing

That .DOC file isn’t going to do you a lot of good if you don’t have a word processing app on your phone. There are a lot of these to choose from, like Microsoft Word (iOS, Android), Google Docs (iOS, Android), and Pages (iOSonly), to name a few.

Make sure you have a digital signing app installed on your phone too. You might have to just sign a PDF instead of converting it and making edits, which is exactly what DocuSign (iOS, Android) and apps like it are for. You can sign and email documents right

Social Media, Things You Shouldn’t Share

Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Friendster, Urban Chat and Black Planet are only a couple of more than 100 Web locales associating people far and wide why should anxious share their musings and emotions. Be that as it may, much the same as, all things considered, there’s such an unbelievable marvel as sharing a lot of data (TMI). It’s anything but difficult to become involved with the social parts of locales like Facebook, yet what you share is there for all to check whether you don’t confine who can see your data. The same study by Pew Research found that 40 percent of clients have open access to their profiles, permitting anybody to see their data. The other 60 percent confine access to companions, family and partners. Offering individual data to outsiders can be hazardous business, and there are a few things you should put on your “don’t share” list. Here are things you shouldn’t share :

# Anything You Don’t Want Shared

You can select all the privacy settings you want on social networking sites, but the fact is, if you post it, it has the potential to be seen by someone you don’t want seeing it. You

Recommendation Browser Extensions for Expert

Web browsers don’t require any tweaking to do their job, but a stock browser is a boring browser. Chrome and Firefox users have a plethora of addons and extensions available, and many can make your work life easier.

# Password Management

Still keeping passwords on a sheet of paper or a notebook? You might be the reason your IT team always seems to be popping ibuprofen. It’s simply not safe to keep passwords written down in an unsecure location, especially when those accounts are essential to work.

 Luckily there are a number of password management extensions available, and they work beautifully. You only need to setup one master password for the extension and it will securely store everything for you.

LastPass is the most popular, widely used, and simple of the password extensions. Check it out on both Chrome and Firefox. Yes, both browsers can manage passwords themselves, but it’s a much less secure option.

# Blocking Peski Adds

Sure, adblockers aren’t going to directly help you get work done, but they are essential for anyone doing research on the web. Any decent adblocker is going to

Know More about Web Address

You’ve seen them everywhere, even on some state license plates. But what does all those http’s and .com’s mean. Here’s the website that I referenced for the following information :

Below is a simplified explanation of what makes up a web address :

First of all, the official computer name for a web address is URL which stands for  Universal Resource Locator.

Here’s a sample URL:

http:// stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and that basically tells the computer that we are looking to “Transfer” “Hyper Text” (a webpage) from the internet to your computer. When typing a web address into Internet Explorer you usually don’t even have to type the “http://” because the computer assumes it.

www stands for World Wide Web which is the body of software rules and protocols that make up what we know of as the internet. Just about every webpage you’ll ever view is a part of the world wide web.

nyis in this example stands for New York International School  and it is technically the “second level domain name”

org is a an example of a “top level domain name” “.org” is primarily

Internet Searching Tips You Must Know

Google has been obsessive about pace. There is little uncertainty that it has fabricated an amazingly quick and careful web index. Lamentably, the human component of the Internet seek condition is frequently neglected. These tips are intended to enhance that human component and better your Internet seek aptitudes.

# Use unique, specific terms

It is simply amazing how many Web pages are returned when performing a search. You might guess that the terms blue dolphin are relatively specialized. A Google search of those terms returned 2,440,000 results! To reduce the number of pages returned, use unique terms that are specific to the subject you are researching.

# Capitalization

Most search engines do not distinguish between uppercase and lowercase, even within quotation marks.

# Use quotation marks for exact phrases

I often remember parts of phrases I have seen on a Web page or part of a quotation I want to track down. Using quotation marks around a phrase will return only those exact words in that order. It’s one of the best ways to limit the pages returned. Example: “Be nice to nerds”.Of course, you must have the phrase exactly right — and if your